Mercedes-Benz CPH reduced net working capital with up to 36%


Why ABC Softwork for the Automotive & Spareparts Industry

The automotive industry is undergoing a profound technology-driven transformation towards more eco-friendly products. Sales are being undermined by the economic slowdown and we see dramatic regulatory changes, driven in part by the climate changes

New demands and regulations will completely reshape the industry leaving the ones who don’t adapt behind. The challenge for OEMs, automakers, sellers and suppliers is to prepare for radical new business models without losing sight of realistic, short-term goals.

Players in the industry cannot serve everyone anymore. Specialization is the key to success.


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With ABC Softwork’s platform, we got the overview, we needed. With their consultancy, we managed to execute on the data and create real results

Mercedes Benz CPH
Director of Inventory
Brian Aakær

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Face current challenges with intelligent end-to-end management

We help you


Reduce networking capital


Continuously improve customer service experience


Support corporate environmental responsibility


Ensure access to real-time point of sales data

 Companies securing profitable growth

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Resources for the Automotive & Sparepart industry

We have collected a handful of our best practice cases, videos and guides to help you get started. Take a look right here. 

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Autohuset Vestergaard

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Mercedes Benz CPH

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Customer segmentation is the key to success

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How to achieve profitable growth

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Is your supply chain customer oriented?

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Why you don’t improve your ability to deliver

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