Convena increased their turnover rate by 19%


Why ABC Softwork for the E-commerce industry

Operating a profitable e-commerce business is challenging. While many remain focused on rapidly growing their revenue, the inconvenient truth is that e-commerce profits remain elusive.

Online consumers are just a click from competitive pricing information. It has never been easier to enter the market for new businesses. E-commerce return rates are generally much higher than in-store return rates. And the almost inevitable free shipping, while very attractive to customers, can be pricey on the balance sheet. And as if this isn’t enough, the go-to solution of just achieving scale is becoming only more difficult.

The fact is that few retailers can just grow their way out of these challenges. We help e-commerce businesses secure a profitable growth through intelligent end-to-end management with a focus on the overall contribution to customer lifetime.

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The focused work with our KPIs and the structure, we get from ABC Cloud make people much more motivated.

Owner, Convena Distribution A/S
Peter Garber

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Face current challenges with intelligent end-to-end management

We help you


Increase profitability


Reduce networking capital and improve liquidity


Improve inventory management and establish a seamless omnichannel business


Automate end-to-end eata-handling and analyses including forecasting

Resources for the E-commerce Industry

We have collected a handful of our best practice cases, videos and guides to help you get started. Take a look right here. 

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Convena Distribution A/S

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How to achieve profitable growth


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How segmentation brings you back in control

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Customer segmentation is the key to success

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Good management requires prioritization

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Complexity eats your earnings

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