DANA LIM reduced tied up stock by 20% through intelligent category management


Why ABC Softwork for the Manufacturing Industry

The shift in global demand and competition for manufacturer’s goods is happening at an accelerating pace.

Transparency and use of big data in end-to-end management will make substantial improvements in how companies respond to customer needs – and will be a vital source for innovation and competitiveness in the future.

Turning data into insights and actions is therefore crucial and being successful derives from making performance trade-offs at all levels.

Agile manufacturing helps manufacturers become competitive while staying responsive to increasingly unpredictable market demands.



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Our strategic foundation is built upon the ABC mindset. This is particularly important now that we wish to expand

CEO, Dana Lim
Lars Christensen

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Face current challenges with intelligent end-to-end management

We help you


Deliver profitable growth


Reduce networking capital and improve liquidity


Ensure access to real-time point of sales data

 Companies securing profitable growth

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Resources for the Manufacturing Industry

We have collected a handful of our best practice cases, videos and guides to help you get started. Take a look right here. 

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DAFA Reduced tied up stock by 20%



Dana Lim: CEO uses ABC to manage the business

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Complexity eats your profit

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How to create a super optimized supply chain

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Is your supply chain customer oriented?

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Why only 8% of your products matter

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