Skip emotions. Focus on business.

Regardless of industry, your core business is defined by a few important customers, whereas most of them only add complexity to your supply chain. To put it short: Your customers have never been equally important to your business.

Unnecessary complexity and emotional attachment often clutter our ability to focus on the customers most important to our business. Intelligence delivered by ABC Solutions supports simplicity and help you to understand and visualize the current challenges at hand.

Build your strategy on solid facts

At ABC Softwork, we have developed a method for companies to divide products into predefined categories based on their nature and impact on the business. We call it the double ABC categorization, which lays the foundation for differentiated management.

Our skilled consultants will help you operationalize the methods using advanced categorization software, and guide you through thestrategic setupneeded to turn your company into a fact-based enterprise.

Customer segmentation

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