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Why ABC Softwork for the Retail Industry

Retailers are focusing on “putting the customer at the center of everything. But that is easier said than done. Players in the industry still face hurdles with respect to personalization and improving customer loyalty. No or very little sophistication in how data is analyzed and used are some of the main reasons.

But even though the industry is facing a digital disruption, brick-and-mortar retail is not dead. The successful retailers have already started implementing innovative tools to take control and leverage on consumer data. And whether to confirm the merchant’s gut feeling, or to guide decisions altogether, the coming period will be the time where the true science of retail takes hold.

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We decided to team up with ABC Softwork to secure the right inventory at the right time. It’s proven to be a good investment.

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Face current challenges with intelligent end-to-end management

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Increase profitability


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Improve liquidity and cashflow


Reduce financial risk

 Retail companies securing profitable growth

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Resources for the Retail Industry

We have collected a handful of our best practice cases, videos and guides to help you get started. Take a look right here. 

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Matas strengthened by intelligent procurement

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Complexity eats your profit

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Effective management requires prioritizations

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How to create a super optimized supply chain

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Is your supply chain customer oriented?

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Why only 8% of your products matter

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