Run your supply chain smarter

ABC Analyzer changes your mindset forever.

ABC Analyzer makes it easy to create an overview

ABC Analyzer is the preferred tool for thousands of supply chain analysts.
Use it to build better strategies and optimize your supply chain.

Do analysis unbelievably fast

Get up to speed using the world’s best-known segmentation models.
Break down your product portfolio based on simple math and pre-build analytics.

Advanced formulas

Move beyond the “one size fits all” approach.
Use advanced formulas to differentiate calculations per category.

Try fact-based communication

Introduce your colleagues to ABC and make it part of your common language.
Make sales and operations speak the same language.

Reporting, benchmarking and data diving

The double ABC Analysis creates your starting point for an abundance of analytical opportunities: Define optimal order sizes, reduce dead stock and monitor your core business.

Combine ABC Analyzer with any ERP system

ABC Analyzer plays seamlessly with all ERP solutions. Communicate your ABC Analysis through existing IT-systems by labelling your products AA, BB, CC etc. Now your insights are everybody's insight.

Unlimited analytic support

We offer free technical and analytic support via mail, phone and screen sharing
to all customers and free trial users.

What our customers achieve

Min. 30 % stock reduction

New customers begin by analyzing their current stock value and stock composition. Stock levels on slow movers and long tail products are lowered, dying products identified. Profitable products (AA) are identified and stock levels adjusted to avoid costly stock outs.

Service level goes up

Reducing stock is not difficult. Lowering stock levels and making the overall service level go up is. Keep a high service level and safety stock on high runners and your most profitable products. Save money by allowing a lower service level on risk items, slow movers and dying items.

Fact-based communication

The ABC analysis provides a communication platform based on facts. Use it to create a common language among purchasers, sales and other departments. Each product is labelled with an ABC code making it easy to agree on how important product X is versus product Y. It will do wonders for your internal communication.

Run your supply chain smarter

Manage what matters the most.

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