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With ABC APA everyone can become an expert Business Analyst.
Put fast analytic process automations in the hands of every business person
and begin leveraging the insights to optimise your value chain end-to-end.

Data is today’s differentiator.
Don’t let it go to waste. 

Using data has become the top differentiator for most organisations today. But aggregating and processing the data becomes more challenging every day as data volumes grow and variety of data expands. For many, this results in a situation where:


You need a Business Analyst to aggregate and process your data


Your Business Analysts waste valuable time on manual processes.


Business Analysts get overloaded with task resulting in long processing times


As time goes by, your data becomes obsolete and loses its value

What is ABC APA?

ABC APA is a powerful Anaytic Process Automation Platform. It focuses on end-to-end value chain optimization and allows you to easily automate the preparation, enrichment, analysis and sharing of your data.  

The platform empowers the Business Analyst to create a significantly faster positive impact on your business’ performance.

Analytic Process Automation

The future of Business Analytics is automated

According to Forbes, data scientists spend 80% of their time on data preparation, and 76% view it as the least enjoyable part of their work.

At the same time it’s obviously extremely costly for companies.

They predict that machine learning and automations will begin to replace manual processes and have a significant importance for their companies and departments.


APA for value chain optimisation

We help you automate your analytical processes and ensure everything from input to output is set up correctly so that you can leverage the insights to optimise your value chain end-to-end.

Anders Hesdam, ABC Undervisning

Which kinds of analytics can you automate?

… Practically any kind. But here are some examples of analytics, we tend to help businesses automate. 

executive Management

Profit & Loss

Service Level Performance

Working Capital Reduction

Profitability ‘Drains’



Grow or pay policies


Contribution margin

Category Management

Product lifecycle

Profit  & Loss


New product performance

Supply chain Management

Service level ‘drains’

Performance trade-offs


Excess inventory

Key benefits of analytic process automation


Cost efficient team with high impact


Optimised workflow and no bottlenecks


Happier Business Analysts


Real-time, fresh data every day

Our pricing is flexible. Gain ROI in 3 months

We have customers from small startups to enterprise businesses. Get a price that matches your budget and gain ROI within 3 months.

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