Automotive & spareparts

Mercedes Benz CPH

Mercedes Benz CPH

Mercedes-Benz CPH sells and maintains cars, vans and lorries from six locations on Zealand. Mercedes-Benz CPH is the only Danish retailer owned by manufacturer Daimler AG.

How Mercedes-Benz CPH became champions of profitable growth

With ABC Cloud, Mercedes has managed to reduce their inventory with 3 million DKK in less than a year.


Reduced inventory value


Same high service level


Increased efficiency

Autohuset Vestergaard

About Autohuset Vestergaard

Autohuset Vestergaard is one of the largest car dealers of new and used cars and has 10 outlets throughout Denmark.

Better earnings and improved customer experiences

With the introduction of ABC Cloud, Autohuset Vestergaard has achieved a focus on the proper phase-out of spare parts with no turnover and on the minimisation of losses. This ensures that the workshop has the right parts in stock, while inventory value has been reduced by 16%.


+7% Turnover


-16% Inventory value


+6% Reliability

JP Group

About JP Group

JP Group is one of the ​world’s leading companies in the aftermarket. They produce and sell quality parts and accessories for European and Asian cars to approx. 1,800 B2B customers in more than 90 countries. 

From reactive to proactive with ABC Cloud

JP Group has strengthened their core business with ABC Softwork. Using segmentations and guiding principles in ABC Cloud, they have been able to make sharp priorities in their daily work. JP Group is working towards an end-to-end implementation of our solution, using it across the company in the supply chain, and most recently in sales. Learn more about how JP Group is working with ABC Cloud, guiding principles, and how they have implemented them in the sales department.


Strengthened their core business


A common corporate language


Greater awareness of the business


Johannes Fog A/S


Johannes Fog

Johannes Fog has been in the construction industry since 1920. Today the company consist of a Home & Design store as well as nine lumber yards and building supply stores spread across Zealand.

Johannes Fog turns data into insights

We have visited Johannes Fog and talked with Louise Dahlenborg Starup, Finance Business Partner about ABC Cloud and how they use the platform to analyze their business, the interaction with BI and the ongoing feedback and exchange of experience between Johannes Fog and ABC Softwork.


Achieved a healthy and attractive assortment


Ongoing feedback and consultancy


Interaction between ABC Cloud and Business Intelligence


Convena Distribution

Convena Distribution A/S

Convena Distribution A/S is an international IT distributor with more than 300,000 different part numbers and a vast, international network of suppliers and represented with customers in more than 75 countries.

Peter Garber is founder and co-owner of the company.

Sharp focus creates bottom line growth

With over 300,000 items and a network of international customers and suppliers, there is no doubt that the need for structure is great at Convena Distribution. They make sure they achieve this by using ABC and some clear goals, and in less than 12 months they managed to increase their turnover by 19%.


Reduced inventory value


Profitable growth


ABC for value-creating dialogue

Health care


About Nomeco

Nomeco delivers a wide range of non-prescription and prescription goods to Danish pharmacies, acts as a wholesaler to pharmacies and as a warehouse to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Revenue and profitability raised across 40 categories

Nomeco have surprised themselves. In one year, the company has increased its turnover by 9.2% and its profit by 9.8% across 40 product categories. The recipe is targeted and intelligent work with data analysis of product turnover and profit – a recipe that many other companies should adopt.


Revenue increase by +9.2% in one year


Earnings increased by +9.8% in one year


Intelligent category management

Specific Pharma

About Specific Pharma

In 2010, Specific Pharma was founded and ever since, they have seen an enormous growth. Today, they are the largest provider of unlicensed medicines and clinical trial supply in the Nordic countries.

Saved 500,000 DKK with one click

With ABC Cloud, Specific Pharma have a more precise overview of their need for making new purchases. This has enabled them to save a lot of money by cancelling old backorders they might have failed to notice otherwise.


Better ability to adapt to customer demands


Improved dialogue with sales


ABC Cloud for fast board reporting




Widex is a family owned company founded in Denmark in 1956. Today, it is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids. Widex hearing aids are sold in more than 100 countries around the world, and the company employs over 4,000 people worldwide.

Widex masters the golden balance between service and inventory

Based on their analyses in ABC Cloud, they have changed the way they handle dead items and CC items. This has enabled them to reduce their inventory by 6 million DKK in only 6 months while increasing their delivery reliability


Reduced inventory by 6 m in 6 months


Improved delivery reliability


Common rules ensures effective operation


Dana Lim

About Dana Lim

Dana Lim is Scandinavia’s leading glue, joint and filler manufacturer, and has 80 percent in-house production.

Lars Christensen has been CEO of Dana Lim since 2014, and the ABC project is anchored with him.

CEO streamlines the company’s value chain to create growth

At Dana Lim, the focus is on the customers’ needs and a desire for growth. ABC Cloud is used as a central management platform which ensures satisfied customers and an efficient supply chain.

In nine months, the service level has increased from 82 to 92 percent and production planning has become far less hectic.


Smarter production


Increased revenue


Better service level

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