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Autohuset Vestergaard creates better earnings and customer experiences

“ABC Cloud has made a huge difference. Now we use data to drive performance, and I can actually do something about the problems


+7% Turnover

Through ABC Cloud,  Autohuset Vestergaard can focus on the AA goods, i.e. the parts that are “best sellers” and contribute the most to earnings. This increases turnover and ensures that they can always supply the spare parts customers demand, when they demand them.

- 16% inventory value

With the introduction of ABC Cloud, Autohuset Vestergaard has achieved a focus on the proper phase-out of spare parts with no turnover and on the minimisation of losses. This ensures that the workshop has the right parts in stock, while inventory value has been reduced by 16%.

+6% reliability

The introduction of a KPI that uses ABC Cloud to measure how well customers are served every month ensures the good customer experience. This KPI and others are continuously affected through action reports which are tailored to improve them, and thereby improve the reliability of supply.

About Autohuset Vestergaard

Autohuset Vestergaard is one of the largest car dealers of new and used cars and has 10 outlets throughout Denmark.

Lars Kromann, the spare parts manager in Odense, on his own initiative, developed a KPI that measures the good customer experience. The Odense branch is a front-runner, and the plan is for the KPI to be shared with the rest of the workshops over the summer.


More than 12,400 item numbers in Odense


90 suppliers in Odense

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