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How Bygma uses supplier negotiations to increase their profitability

Fredrik Stuhr Bygma

“We have created visibility which means that our demands to our suppliers are accommodated to a much greater extent


better supplier agreements

For Bygma, their supplier negotiations are one of the keys to profitable growth. They use ABC Cloud to get an overview of each products contribution to their revenue and uses it to negotiate better contracts with their suppliers.


Beforehand, Bygma collected data from various tools and then had to merge multiple Excel sheets to get an overview. This process resulted time consuming and as a consequense they often ended up spending too much time negotiating on the wrong products.

Improved profitability

“The increased focus on items that are slow to sell means that we have actually improved our level of service, while our inventory investment has gone down. And if we look at the work we put in versus the cost of ABC Cloud, the bottom line has a plus, too.” Fredrik explains.

About Bygma Group A/S

Good business acumen and foresight have made Bygma Group one of the largest suppliers of construction materials, with a turnover of DKK 8,4 billion.

Largest Danish-owned supplier to the building trade


Turnover of DKK 8,4 billion DKK


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