“Our turnover rate has increased by 19%. And our focused work with KPIs and structured workflows makes people far more motivated”


Sharp focus creates bottom line growth 

About Convena Distribution A/S

Convena Distribution A/S is an international IT distributor with more than 300,000 different part numbers and a vast, international network of suppliers. Convena Distribution A/S is represented with customers and suppliers in over 75 countries.

Owner and Procurement Director Peter Garber says: “As we significantly extended our range and acquired a company, a huge amount of item numbers were added. This called for a higher degree of systematisation and structure, and we needed some tools to help us achieve that.”



Turnover rate increased by 19%


Inventory value reduced by 9%.


Management tool with much higher transparency in the product portfolio

Reduced inventory value

Based on KPIs, which the company monitors in ABC Cloud, they have set focused goals for their product managers. This creates structure and ensures that everyone is pulling in the same direction. Now, the organisation is meeting its overall objectives.

Profitable growth

Convena has over 300,000 item numbers, an intricate network of customers and suppliers, and a delivery time of 24 hours. Therefore, overview and structure is crucial to Convena. Convena achieves this by using ABC Cloud, thus ensuring improved KPIs and profitable growth.

Dialogue among management

To ensure that everyone has a deep understanding of the business and is able to make the right choices, Convena uses ABC Cloud to engage in continuous dialogue with its product managers as a supplement to the management dialogue and when developing policies for the entire company.

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