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JP Group strengthens its core business with ABC

Kristian JP Group

“After implementing ABC and the 80/20 philosophy, our turnover has increased by 31%


+31,4% Turnover

“From day one, we emphasised linking ABC closely with quantitative and qualitative strategic goals such as reducing inventory value, having more decision-makers and deploying an 80/20 approach to prioritisation of resources,” says Kristian Østergaard.

- 30% inventory value

The segmentation that ABC has given JP Group allows them to understand exactly how to prioritise in their day-to-day operations. This has enabled them to reduce their inventory value by 30% without compromising the service level. 

+3,8 increase of service level

The mathematical ABC analysis classifies the top 5% of customers as A customers, the next 15% as B customers etc. This allows them to understand how they can serve their customers correctly and ensure happy customers. 

About JP Group

JP Group is one of the ​world’s leading companies in the aftermarket. They produce and sell quality parts and accessories for European and Asian cars to approx. 1,800 B2B customers in more than 90 countries. Their product range includes approx. 29,000 items from 450 suppliers, while JP Group also supplies exclusive parts and accessories for classic cars from VAG, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.


1,800 B2B customers and approx. 450 suppliers


Product range includes approx. 29,000 items


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