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Case study

Health Care

Revenue and profitability raised across 40 categories

Dorte Taunø

“We’ve cracked the code to raise both earnings and revenue


Increased revenue

ABC is used as a proactive tool for creating growth and ensures very accurate coverage of pharmacy needs, while Nomeco optimise their turnover and profit by shifting products towards a more profitable range.

Increased earnings

ABC’s analyses of Nomeco’s 40 product categories make it easier to increase the profitability of the existing range in a targeted way and to ensure satisfactory profitability for new products. Thus, all categories are continuously optimised and profitability remains high.

Value-adding dialogue

Through a targeted and intelligent effort using data analysis of goods turnover and earnings, Nomeco now has documentation for everything, which it uses to demonstrate the placement of the products to suppliers to ensure that dialogue is value-adding.

About Nomeco

Nomeco delivers a wide range of non-prescription and prescription goods to Danish pharmacies, acts as a wholesaler to pharmacies and as a warehouse to pharmaceutical manufacturers. 


Denmark's largest pharmaceutical wholesaler.


Largest automated warehouse with 300 employees


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