Power BI and ABC Cloud

A match made in heaven

Get things done with ABC Cloud.

Nobody wants yet another platform for analyses. We understand that.

The majority of our customers, however, run both Power BI and ABC Cloud. The reason is that ABC Cloud differs from Power BI in one very important area. ABC Cloud is an online execution platform. It goes beyond reporting to help your team prioritiseorganise tasks, and take daily actions to improve your KPIs.  

For our customers, ABC Cloud is their go-to platform, when they are done looking at their KPIs and want to turn BI-reports into real action. When they want to secure measurable results.

A Business Controller’s experience with Power BI and ABC Cloud

We have asked a Business Controller at MT Højgaard about the difference between the Power BI and ABC Cloud. And why he loves both.

Can you see the difference?

Go from from slow and manual reports to fast and automated overview.
And enjoy the extra time every day to create real improvements.

What happens when you don’t have a platform for execution?

It isn’t easy, to build a platform that supports your organisation’s workflows and makes your employees more efficient. It requires a deep understanding of their needs and daily routines.

We have spent years researching what employees need to make magic happen every day. This has resulted in ABC Cloud – a platform for execution. Without this platform, you are left with endless Excel-spreadsheets, BI-reporting and inefficient workflows that don’t lead to any real improvements.

Don’t just look at your KPIs.
Start improving them with ABC Cloud

Platform for execution

Our clients can focus on using our exeuction platform and improve performance, while we help them automate analytical processes.


Short time-to-value

We deliver a tested ready-to-use solution including all of our proven methods and know-how. This allows your team to start executing and improving KPIs within only 4 weeks.

Affordable prices

We find a solution that matches your budget and promise ROI within 3 months

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We are with you all the way towards results. Our 4-week hypercare helps you execute to get ROI in 3 months.

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